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At Memory Designs I create custom photobooks, dvd slideshows, invitations, traditional scrapbook pages and more.
Life is busy, we hire people to maintain our cars, clean our houses and run errands for us. Why not hire someone to preserve our memories.

One new and popular way to share your photos is through photobooks. I create all my pages in photoshop which allows for a unique look just for you instead of the templates they provide. Another advantage of photobooks is that you can easily print more than one if desired. These are a great way to showcase photos from your wedding, vacation or life in general.

On the left side you will see samples of a couple of books. On the top is a wedding album. This larger sized album is perfect for showcasing your wedding photographs and includes custom design elements, favorite quotes and more.

Below this is a guest book. What a great way to share your engagement photos while providing white space for your guests to wish you well. Traditional guest books tend to get stored away but a book like this is likely to be enjoyed for years. These books would both make great coffee table books.

I also make custom gifts, DVD's which are perfect for rehearsal dinners, weddings, anniversaries or graduation parties; tradional scrapbook pages; and invitatons. I can also show you how you can scrapbook for yourself.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How do I preserve my pictures?

The last two posts talked about the importance of getting our pictures off the computer and out of bad albums. Once they are printed you need to keep them in a way that will help them last many years.

The following information from , while rather lengthy, gives a lot of good information. In a nutshell keep them in acid and lignin free boxes or albums and keep them in the main part of the house, not the basement or attic. Anything that touches or is even close to the photos should be acid and lignin free.

Keep Cool & Dry
Besides exposure to light, heat and humidity are the biggest threats to your images. Increased temperature escalates the rate of deterioration of a photo. As a general rule the life span of a photo is doubled for every 10-degree drop in storage temperature. High levels of humidity encourage the growth of microorganisms, which attack the emulsion of a photograph. Fluctuating levels of temperature and humidity can cause expansion and contraction of the emulsion and paper of your photographs, which results in cracks and flaking. A simple rule is to store your photos in the main living areas of your house. Upper floors and attics can be too warm, while basements can be too humid.

Protect & Preserve
Be sure to handle your photographs with care to prevent fingerprints, scratches, folds, ink stains and other damage. Whenever possible, wash your hands before touching a photograph. Also avoid letting your photos come in contact with items such as paper clips, rubber bands, and staples. Storing your photographs in archival boxes or photo albums and scrapbooks will also keep them safe from environmental contaminants. Air pollution, smoke, dust, and gases from paints and cleanings supplies can all cause degradation of photographs.

The Right Tools
Unfortunately, if not done properly, the very act of organizing and protecting your treasured photographs can end up accelerating the aging process. The use of inferior grade products not designed for the long-term preservation of photos can cause irreversible damage. Some albums and pages are made with plastics that emit gasses that can cause photo deterioration. Adhesives used to manufacture albums or to mount photographs can also be a problem. Any paper product near photographs should be both acid and lignin free. Pens and ink used for photo identification purposes may be acidic, and can bleed, stain or even fade away. Before purchasing photo storage supplies do your research, use only products that have been tested for image permanence. Photo albums with magnetic pages are the most detrimental to your photographs.

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