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At Memory Designs I create custom photobooks, dvd slideshows, invitations, traditional scrapbook pages and more.
Life is busy, we hire people to maintain our cars, clean our houses and run errands for us. Why not hire someone to preserve our memories.

One new and popular way to share your photos is through photobooks. I create all my pages in photoshop which allows for a unique look just for you instead of the templates they provide. Another advantage of photobooks is that you can easily print more than one if desired. These are a great way to showcase photos from your wedding, vacation or life in general.

On the left side you will see samples of a couple of books. On the top is a wedding album. This larger sized album is perfect for showcasing your wedding photographs and includes custom design elements, favorite quotes and more.

Below this is a guest book. What a great way to share your engagement photos while providing white space for your guests to wish you well. Traditional guest books tend to get stored away but a book like this is likely to be enjoyed for years. These books would both make great coffee table books.

I also make custom gifts, DVD's which are perfect for rehearsal dinners, weddings, anniversaries or graduation parties; tradional scrapbook pages; and invitatons. I can also show you how you can scrapbook for yourself.

For more information contact Maureen at or 402-990-5631.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So Where Are Your Pictures....Part 2

Some of us may remember the old albums with the clear covers on each page. They were advertised as easy to use because you just pulled back the clear cover, stuck the picture on and then put the cover back on. These are terrible to use! Over time the pages will yellow and your pictures will stick. Depending on where you have kept your albums you could pull your pictures up when you peel back the clear page. Any of these situations will ruin your pictures.

If you have any of these albums in your house don't delay in getting your pictures out of them. If the pictures or the plastic cover stick, stop and go to your nearest scrapbook store where they should have some products that may help you save your pictures.

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